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Welcome to WealthCatalog!

This website’s goal is to give you actionable insights to help you build your wealth. From career advice to making and saving money to investing so that your money works for you, you’ll find articles about those topics and more.

You won’t find an army of freelance writers here. Everything written is done so by me, personally, so you know you’re reading an actual person’s thoughts and opinions. My intention isn’t to build this site into a big brand, but rather keep it lean, focused, with a high signal-to-noise ratio. I know that’s what I’d be interested in, and hopefully you share those sentiments as well.

My Story of Achieving Financial Independence Before 30

I still remember when I was a child, my parents asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up.

My answer was “Nothing. I want to get paid to do nothing.”

My parents laughed and told me that’d be nice, but I’d eventually need to figure it out.

I don’t think they realized that I was serious. I was too young to know exactly how I’d do it, but I had always envisioned living life on my own terms. I saw what working a job was like through my parents, and I knew I wouldn’t like it.

They came home grumpy, tired, and always beholden to someone else’s schedule. Whenever I asked them if they enjoyed what they did, they always responded that it was fine but just “something that had be to be done.”

Part of me has always questioned why humans do certain things. Why do we work from 9am-5pm? Why do we work five days a week? Why do we spend the best hours of the day and most energetic times of our life doing something we don’t want to do – work?

I knew there had to be a better way of making money and achieving wealth than the typical route of working a 9-5 job from 21 till 65.

Over the years, I’ve learned as much as I could about money – making it, saving it, investing it – and tried my hands at dozens of unconventional ways to earn money online, from affiliate marketing to selling t-shirts to playing online poker. All in an effort to hit financial independence and achieve my childhood dream.

This website, WealthCatalog, is the culmination of these lessons that helped me eventually hit financial independence before 30. There’s still much I don’t know and I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned along the way in an effort to help you do the same.

Broadly speaking, you’ll find articles centered around the three pillars of money mentioned above – making money, saving what you earn, and investing what you save to let your money work for you. The latter is where the fun really happens and when you can finally say you get paid to do “nothing.”

You’ll also notice crypto is a big theme here. That’s because I firmly believe blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the entire Web 3.0 ecosystem is the future. Understanding it, investing in it, and using these new technologies are a once in a lifetime wealth creation opportunity.

I believe everyone has the ability to live a wealthy life in this day and age, whatever your definition of wealth may be. Technology has provided us all of the tools and information we need to succeed. It’s simply up to us to take action.

My Background

I studied Finance, Econ, and Math in college. Worked in various corporate finance, strategy/operations, and FP&A jobs but my heart was never into working for someone else. Discovered the concept of FI and realized it was exactly what I’d dreamt up as a kid.

As a poker player, I’d been familiar with Bitcoin fairly early on and saw the power of the technology. After diving in I realized crypto offered one of those generational wealth creation opportunities with asymmetric risk to reward. I decided to place my bets as such and dollar cost averaged my way in over the years.

I definitely made a ton of mistakes along the way, from losing my hard earned ETH to various ICOs to hodling through brutal 80% corrections instead of taking profit along the way. Still, with the conviction I’d built up I managed to achieve my financial independence goal and quit the corporate world in my late 20s.

I currently spend my time managing the portfolio and trying to keep up with crypto as much as possible, sharing what I learn along the way here. In my off time I’m usually working out, playing basketball, or learning new board games.