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How to Add Polygon Network (MATIC) to MetaMask

how to add polygon to metamask

Polygon Network (MATIC) is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that uses offchain computing and Proof of Stake to speed up transactions. Gas fees are pennies on Polygon compared to the $10 – $100 fees we’ve become used to on Ethereum.

As a result, many DeFi opportunities like staking and arbitrage open up on Polygon for those with smaller accounts. NFTs are also becoming more and more popular on Polygon.

To get started, here’s how to add Polygon to MetaMask.

1. Login to MetaMask

Login to your MetaMask wallet on your browser. If you don’t have it, download MetaMask here.

2. Click Add Network

Click the dropdown menu under Ethereum Mainnet, then press Add Network.

add network metamask

3. Add Polygon’s RPC Info

Click Save and you’re done. You can now use the Polygon blockchain from MetaMask.

Be sure to transfer some MATIC tokens to yourself so you can pay the gas fees. You won’t need much at all, given they fees are so cheap.

Import Polygon Tokens

If you want to add custom tokens beyond MATIC, you’ll have to import their contract address just like you would in Ethereum.

import tokens polygon

You can find many of the most common tokens’ details using polygonscan.com.


MetaMask supports many other chains beyond just Ethereum. Once you’ve setup Polygon in MetaMask, you can head to OpenSea to look at Polygon NFTs or interact with any of the Polygon dApps.

If you want to check out another Ethereum layer 2, explore the Optimism ecosystem as well.

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