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The Best Crypto Trader Accounts to Follow

best crypto trading accounts

There are thousands of crypto traders on Twitter, each of whom give their own thoughts and opinions on where the market is headed. Some of them are ignorant, some are beginners, some are outright scammers. How do you know who to follow for actual advice?

As someone who’s been in crypto since 2015, I’ve curated some of the top crypto traders you’ll want to follow. Don’t be fooled by peoples’ follower counts. Sometimes the bigger followers are also the worst offenders at shilling scams.

cobie (CryptoCobain)

Previously and more commonly known as CryptoCobain, cobie is a staple in the Crypto Twittersphere. He’s been around since 2013 and has been one of the longest active accounts. His tweets combine the right amount of wit, self deprecation, foresight, and humor that have amassed him nearly 700k followers.

But don’t be fooled into thinking he’s just another meme account. Listen to him speak on any podcast he’s been on and you can tell he’s much smarter than he lets on. It’s also well known he’s quite well off and certainly “made it” from crypto, which further adds to his credibility.

He’s had some tweets that will forever be memorialized, like this one, tweeted out essentially at the Bitcoin bottom in 2020.

cobie also tweeted this out on [date], at nearly the top of the crypto market with some amazing foresight into the coming correction / bear market.

While cobie rarely posts charts or direct trading advice like some of the other accounts here, there’s alpha hidden in many of his tweets. There’s also plenty of sage wisdom, like the following tweets.

GCR (GiganticRebirth)

GCR doesn’t tweet often, but when he does you should probably listen and take heed. Some have called him a time traveler with how prescient and timely his calls have been.

He notably came to fame through his massive P&L screenshots from being early to the DOGE and SHIB memecoins.

But while he made a killing on the run up, he likely made even more shorting the top.

LUNA’s price now, in May 2022? [$]

On Nov 2021, GCR advised his followers that if they had secured their freedom to take it. He believed the crypto bull run was very late in its cycle, while others were loudly proclaiming traditional cycles no longer existed in lieu of a “supercycle.” Since that tweet, Bitcoin declined by over 55% and altcoins by over 80%+.

He also very publicly won a $10M bet against Do Kwon, the founder of Luna, that Luna’s price would be lower in 1 year from the bet date of March 2022. He was willing to bet even more, up to $50 million, if Do was willing. When he didn’t agree to the higher bet size, GCR simply shorted LUNA in the public markets for $10 million.

Just a couple months later and we all know what happened to LUNA. The stablecoin UST peg was lost, there was a run for the exits, and LUNA ultimately crashed to nearly $0.

GCR really does seem to be a time traveler.


Another trader who actually trades (instead of LARPs and shills) is CryptoChase. He often tweets about his trade ideas and plans before entering a position. He also provides plenty of educational videos detailing when he’s buying or selling.

The clip below shows why he was taking profits in ETH on May 2021, nearly the top of the crypto markets.

One of the hardest things to do as a trader is selling. Again, Chase proves this isn’t an issue for him in the tweet below when he exited LTC near the top.

Be sure to check out CryptoChase’s YouTube page for more of his thoughts on the markets.


SmartContracter is a crypto OG who primarily uses Elliott Wave analysis for his trading. EW is often misconstrued and misapplied by people who think it’s as easy as arbitrarily drawing 5 lines on a chart. But it’s clear that SmartContracter knows how to properly apply it based on the rules and guidelines associated.

From his analysis, he’s made some amazing calls like calling the BTC bottom at $3k in 2018.

Most recently he called for a LUNA top, as it had completed five waves off the low.


Pentoshi is another staple of the Crypto Twittersphere. He’s one of the best swing traders at calling macro tops and bottoms.

In November 2021, he put out the following tweet on why he was bearish crypto due to the macro landscape. Since then, he’s had lots of excellent tweets on where we stand in the macro cycle to determine whether to get risk on again.


Pierre is a great shorter term trader who relies primarily on moving averages and playing the trend. He likes to see price reclaim and above key MAs, and cuts trades when they’re broken. It sounds simple but he’s clearly made the strategy work. He provides frequent updates on his Twitter about his positions and even when he takes profits.


Lomah is known for trading with massive size – 7 and 8 figure positions. But that wasn’t always the case. He came up through the ranks during the 2017 run-up but suffered through the ensuing bear market. But, he stuck through it and kept improving his trading skills.

Now, he casually flexes his P&Ls while trading from his phone at Mercedes dealerships.
Occasionally Lomah decides to stream on Twitch, where you get to hear how he thinks about the markets.

Conzimp (blknoiz/Ansem)

conzimp, formerly known as blknoiz before his original account got suspended, is one of the most active personalities on Twitter. He tweets a lot, and they’re not always huge alpha leaks, but he definitely stays atop the cryptosphere. You will too if you follow him as you’ll know exactly what he’s looking at.

Because he’s so active, he tends to be early to projects. He called SOL and JEWEL quite early, and also tweeted out he thought SOL was topping in the $200s.


Known for his thick neck, Tradermayne also happens to be one of the funniest and best traders to follow on CT. Unlike some of the other big accounts who are more vague with their tweets, Tradermayne continues to post directly about his thoughts on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or altcoins. The lines he draws seem to have quite a high hitrate.

Tradermayne also has a free Discord channel where he posts more commentary. I don’t have invite permission unfortunately but you can try DMing him on Twitter.

Additionally, Tradermayne is quite active on YouTube and Twitch, so be sure to check his videos out for more alpha and hilarious commentary.



NebraskanGooner is known for trading short time frames and usually on the short side. He posts frequent trade ideas across both crypto and stocks when he notices a short term topping pattern.

He has great educational videos on his YouTube page, teaching you how he likes to trade and what setups to look for.


Finally, I wanted to shout out a smaller account AltcoinPepe. Most of the accounts listed already have been around for years and have grown huge followings. But there are a lot of under the radar smaller accounts that share a ton of alpha that don’t get enough recognition.

What’s great about AltcoinPepe is he’s light on the meme and shitposts that many of the larger accounts are guilty of. He keeps his timeline full of actual advice and trading wisdom, like the tweet below.


There’s certainly no shortage of self proclaimed crypto experts but the traders listed here are some of the best, most trusted, and helpful crypto Twitter accounts to follow. If you’re looking to step up your trading or investing game, want market clarity or where we are in the cycle, these are the people to help guide you.

Of course, at the end of the day ultimately no one is responsible for you except yourself. Don’t blindly trust and rely on anyone, much less anons on the Internet. Take everything you read into consideration for yourself, do your own due diligence, and take action accordingly. Good luck

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