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Is Collab.Land NFT Bot Legit and Safe to Use?

is collab land legit

You’ve just bought an NFT and want to show off you’re a verified holder in the collection’s Discord group.

In order to get verified that you actually own an NFT from that collection, you may be asked to connect and verify your wallet via Collab Land.

Collab Land is a community management app that uses Discord and Telegram bots to verify you actually do hold a certain NFT.

As we all know, though, we should always be wary of third party apps in crypto. There are countless NFT scams out there. Clicking on phishing links and signing in to Metamask can result in your account funds getting drained.

So you’re probably wondering if it’s safe to use Collab Land and give the bot permission to your wallet.

The answer is yes, Collab Land is legit and safe to use. All of the top NFT projects including Bored Ape Yacht Club and Axie Infinity rely on it. The only thing Collab Land asks for is a free signature from your crypto wallet. As long as the transaction does not spend ETH, it cannot approve any NFT transfers.

How to Use Collab Land to Verify Yourself

  1. Go to your NFT project’s official Discord channel. Find the verification channel, where you’ll probably have to type !join or !verify to have the bot message you
  2. The Collab Land bot will then send you a Direct Message on Discord that will look something like below. Make sure it’s the official bot, the username should be @Collab.Land

3. Click the link and connect your wallet. It’ll ask you to sign a message like below. Make sure there is no ETH being spent.

4. Press “Sign” and you should immediately receive a bot message saying your wallet is connected.

I’ve personally used the app many times to successfully verify myself with no issue, as have countless others.

That said, here are some additional precautions you can take to ensure you don’t get scammed.

  1. Always make sure you are using the official NFT’s Discord and official Collab Land bot. You can find these links on their website or Twitter page. Watch out for Collab Land impersonators on Discord.
  2. Do not click on links from random DMs or join random Discord channels. Some people have gotten scammed before by joining a random NFT Discord that asks them to verify themselves with phishing links.
  3. Do not approve transactions that spend ETH or give the app permission to “approve all transactions.” Signing Collab Land should be free.
An example of a Collab Land Discord impersonator

To be safe, I recommend you turn Discord DMs off altogether to avoid scam / phishing attempts. You can do this by clicking the Settings button, Privacy & Safety, and turning off “Allow direct messages from server members.”

Additionally, before using Collab Land, ask yourself if you really need to get verified. Unless there are real benefits, you may just be better off browsing as an unverified holder.

Any time you use a third party app or give permissions to an app, you’re opening yourself up. So always be aware of the risks before you do so.

For additional information about Collab Land, be sure to check out their gitbook page.

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