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101 Easy Ways to Make Money Online Right Now in 2021

Are you looking for ways to make money online quickly and legitimately?

You’ve come to the right article!

But first, you’re probably wondering if there are actually free ways to make money online. That was one of the biggest questions I had when I first started exploring ways to earn some extra money at home.

The answer is a resounding YES. But only if you know where to look. There are far too many scam sites and hoaxes out there, so it’s important you find legit methods that will actually pay you.

Once you know where to look, though, you can start earning money immediately right from the comfort of your kitchen table.

Now, I know it can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re presented with too many options at once. My recommendation is to read the list below, figure out the best methods for you right now, and take action immediately.

With that said, here are 101 free ways to earn money online quickly and safely.

Online Reward Sites

Online reward sites (also known as Get Paid To sites) are one of the quickest ways to start earning money for free immediately. You can signup for them right now and make money by watching videos, completing surveys, clicking ads, playing games, and a variety of other methods.

It almost seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, though, because you’re actually doing the sites a favor by using them. The sites receive fees from advertisers and publishers for views and clicks, and in turn the reward sites give you a cut.

I’ve used or use all of the sites below, so you can assured that they are legitimate and pay on time. The great thing is you can choose however much you want to earn. The more offers you complete, the more money you make.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is the largest get paid to site. They have tons of different offers that will pay you to watch videos, complete surveys, and even online shop. They also send you bonus emails that are free points. The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards and cash. My favorite exchange is the 450 swagbucks for $5 Amazon gift card.

InstaGC: InstaGC is very similar to Swagbucks. You earn points by completing tasks, surveys, watching videos, etc. One neat thing about them is they allow you to watch three videos simultaneously, and you get 1 point per 20 videos watched. I usually leave them running in the background on mute while I do something else, so it’s printing money.

Gifthulk: Gifthulk is a newer GPT website but is very promising. My recommendation is to use all your (free) daily attempts on “Guess the Card” which is a game that multiplies your earning potential 4-5x for a certain period.

CashCrate: CashCrate is great and has been around since 2006. Their minimum payout threshold is $20 which can be easily achieved in less than a month or sooner.

QuickRewards: QuickRewards has been around since 2002. You can tell by their website design, but don’t be fooled. They’re reliable and like their name suggests, pay out very fast.

CreationRewards: CreationRewards has cashback rewards for a lot of your favorite stores, from WalMart to Best Buy to Dunkin Donuts.

Get Paid to Take Surveys

Completing surveys is probably one of the most popular ways to earn income online. Consumer research is a big deal these days to companies, so many of them are willing to pay us to take surveys.

Because this industry is so popular, though, there are also many fraudulent sites trying to take advantage of you. All of the legitimate survey websites are free to join, so be wary about those that require you to pay upfront.

I’ve used pretty much all of the survey sites in the past and have been burned my fair share from not receiving payment from scam sites. The list below are the ones I trust and that will consistently pay out.

It’s best to sign up for as many as you can to receive more surveys and maximize your chances of getting approved to do them (some surveys require you to be of a particular location, household income, etc.).

SurveySavvy: My favorite survey site. I’ve used them for years and have received consistent survey offers. I’d say they pay on average $2 and take <10 min to complete. A great benefit of SurveySavvy is the ability to cash out at any time after you’ve made just $1. You also get $5 for every device you install their app/extension on.

Opinion Outpost: One of the premier survey sites out there. They have some of the biggest rewards and have a quarterly $10,000 prize draw.

iPoll: Been around for a while and available to anyone worldwide.

PanelPlace: A great survey curator site, especially if you live outside the US as many of their members do.

One Opinion: A trusted survey site that pays out once you hit a minimum of 25,000 points, which is equivalent to a $25 visa gift card.

GlobalTestMarket: Arguably the largest survey site out there, having paid members over $32 million in 2014. You have to earn $50 to receive your payment.

iSurveyWorld: A newer survey website that is quickly gaining traction because of how consistently they provide surveys to you.

MySurvey: Very similar to GlobalTestMarket.

Ipsos Panel: My favorite survey site from the lot. Ipsos has a great loyalty program that rewards you for hitting survey milestones. They also have sweepstakes for massive cash prizes.

PineCone Research: They only open registration a few times a year, but definitely try to get in if you can. Their surveys pay $3 at least and take 15 minutes to complete.

Harris Poll Online: Here you’ll be asked for your opinion on topics that matter to legislators, companies, and brands. They also have a $10,000 sweepstakes.

Nielsen Digital Voice: This survey site primarily deals with Internet trends. Requires you to install their app.

Earning Station: Earning Station has shopping, survey, and video options.

Survey Club: Earn cash for participating not just in online surveys, but also private panels, focus groups, clinical trials, in-home usage tests, and more.

VIP Voice: Great surveys that allow you to earn money just for sharing what you buy and why.

Get Paid to Read Emails

Getting paid to read email sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Instead of waking up dreading waking up to a full inbox, you could look forward to it.

Much like the online reward sites, the sites below pay you for your time and attention. They’ll send you emails of products or services their advertisers promote, you click on the link in the email, and you’ll receive points just for clicking – regardless if you purchase anything or not.

How much you’ll get paid depends on the service you use and the advertiser’s fee. InboxDollars for instance pays around $0.50 an email and typically sends you 2-3 emails a day.

Many of the sites below have also expanded into other offerings, so you can also complete surveys, play games, etc. to earn money.

InboxDollars: A legitimate site that I’ve been subscribed to for years. They pay out once you’ve hit $30 in your account.

SendEarnings: InboxDollar’s sister site. They actually credit your account with $5 instantly when you register!

InboxPays: InboxPays emails usually have you complete some sort of offer, like registering for an advertiser’s site or completing a survey. These offers pay more, sometimes even from $25-50 each.

Cash4Offers: Like SendEarnings, Cash4Offers also credits you $5 just for joining. They typically send you 1-2 emails a day.

Start a Website & Earn Money Blogging

Blogging is potentially one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. You can write about a passion of yours and over time monetize it, all while connecting with likeminded people all over the world. There’s truly something special about that.

Even if you don’t intend to directly monetize it, having a blog can be a great plus to your personal and professional life. Others use their blog to score speaking gigs, investment opportunities, and book deals. Don’t underestimate the incredible opportunities blogging can have!

Starting a website/blog is fairly simple. You need a host, a domain, and a WordPress page.

Bluehost: Bluehost is my go-to webhosting provider. They have some of the cheapest rates, 100% guaranteed uptime, and amazing support. Millions of people worldwide rely on them for hosting. They make it incredibly easy to get started and zero tech knowledge is required.

Namecheap: I use Namecheap to purchase all my domain names. Why Namecheap over other providers like Godaddy? Reasons include better user interface, no spam emails, ability to easily buy multiple domain names, transparent pricing (no hidden fees), monthly coupons, and great support.

WordPress Themes: Installing WordPress onto your site takes just a few minutes, and I highly recommend every new blogger use it because it’s super user-friendly. Once you have it setup, though, you’ll want to customize it with a theme or layout. I recommend StudioPress Genesis. They have gorgeous themes that are mobile-responsive, fast, and dynamic.

If you do start to blog, be sure to stick it out and maintain a consistent posting schedule. You’re playing the long game here, but it’s so worth it.

Get Paid to Tweet

Kim Kardashian reportedly makes at least $10,000 per sponsored tweet. While we can’t expect to make that kind of dough to tweet, we can still make a few bucks here and there for writing <140 characters.

The sites below recognize that consumers value hearing about a product or service from someone they know, so they’re willing to pay regular people like you and me to put out tweets. The more followers you have and the more engaged they are, the higher price you can charge.

PaidPerTweet: This site shows you how much others, including celebrities, are getting paid to tweet. I’ve received up to $5 a tweet here with just a few thousand followers.

SponsoredTweets: Perhaps the first major site that sponsored people’s tweets. I think their registration process is more difficult these days but give it a shot.

Get Paid to Install/Use Phone Apps

If you’re like me, you probably have dozens of apps that are on your phone. Most of which you don’t use and are simply taking up space.

What if you could install apps that actually pay you money though? Well, it’s possible. I use most of these and can’t complain about the free cash.

Ibotta: Ibotta is definitely my favorite app to earn money with. You can earn money by uploading your receipts to the app every time you grocery shop. If you buy one of the items listed on the Ibotta platform, you’ll earn however much you pay for it which quickly adds up. Pay is instant via Paypal once you’ve hit $20.

ShopTracker: This app tracks your shopping habits anonymously and sends that information to market research companies. In return, they pay you for something you do anyway. Get a free $3 just for installing the app here.

ShopKick: ShopKick pays you for your shopping trip regardless whether you buy anything or not. You receive points known as “kicks” that are redeemable for gift cards and cash rewards. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Gigwalk: Gigwalk allows you to perform field work for actual companies willing to pay for your services. Tasks can include mystery shopping, dropping off items, taking photos, and more.

Field Agent: Download the app and complete small jobs like taking photos of something. They’ve paid out over $6 million to people worldwide.

SavingStar: Saving Star is very similar to Ibotta. Get both and see which apps offer which stores near you to start earning from both.

Easy Shift: Pays you to shop, eat, and explore your city. From my experience they do pay out but actually getting approved for tasks can be difficult. Give it a shot though, it won’t hurt.

CheckPoints: The app rewards you with points for entering stores, scanning items, playing games, and more.

Apptrailers: Earn money while watching app trailers and videos.

Whatusersdo: Earn $8+ per test by helping companies test out their user interfaces and websites. Tests only take 15-20 minutes each so definitely recommend this one.

Sell Old Books

Chances are you have a bunch of books that you no longer read. If so, you can sell those old books for cash.

BookScouter: This is a great site where you can sell your old books for top dollar. They search their database of bookstores interested in buying your book and tell you how much they’re willing to pay. If you have a bunch of old textbooks from college or any other book that’s collecting dust around the house, give Bookscouter a shot.

Simply sign up for an account, enter your book’s ISBN, and select one of the sites that will pay the most for your book.

Get Paid to Click

Similar to the GPT websites above, there are some sites that will pay you to click on ads. Don’t expect huge earnings from this method, as most sites will only pay you a few cents per click. But they also tend to have generous referral programs, so if you can get friends and family involved there’s decent money involved.

Neobux: Neobux has been around for a while and have a generous pay to click scheme. They’re very transparent with how much you can earn and have consistently paid out.

Clixsense: Another site that pays you to click on ads and complete offers.

Get Paid to Tutor

Cambly: Cambly pays you just to have a regular conversation with someone in English. They pay $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20 per hour) which is pretty great for just chatting. No experience is necessary and you can make your own hours.

iTalki: Similar to Cambly, but they offer way more languages than just English. You can get paid for having a conversation with someone in Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and more.

Skooli: Tutor math and other subjects to students of all ages.

Earn Money By Lending Money

Peer to peer lending is a fairly new concept but one that I quite like. It’s a simple way to use your money to earn more money by providing loans to people and earning interest on your principal.

You can set your own rates or browse what others are willing to pay. You can also choose to lend however much you want, so don’t think you need massive amounts of money to get started.

LendingClub: LendingClub is a marketplace for peer to peer lending. Essentially, you act as the bank and can provide others with loans and receive interest payments. As with anything like this, be prepared to do your due diligence. There’s always the risk of default where you don’t get paid back. I’ve only had a couple cases of this in hundreds of transactions thankfully.

Prosper: Very similar to LendingClub, Prosper is another peer to peer lending marketplace. Definitely sign up for both if you’re interested in this sort of thing to maximize your earning potential.

reddit.com/r/borrow: Lend money peer to peer to people on reddit. You can generate quick 10-20% interest rates in as little as a week or month. Make sure you do your due diligence on borrowers first though!

Upstart: Another peer to peer lending marketplace. You can provide loans to people for anything from medical bills to car payments to business ventures.

Earn Sign-Up Bonuses

There are a lot of sites out there that give you free bonuses just for signing up for them (for free of course). Here are some of my favorite.

Ebates: Ebates is the world’s largest cashback site, letting you earn cashback points when you shop at all the biggest retailers. Earn $10 just for signing up.

MyPoints: Another cashback / survey website that gives you a free $5 signup bonus.

BetOnline.ag: BetOnline is a sports betting / poker website that has up to a 200% deposit bonus, meaning if you deposit $50 (the minimum to qualify) they’ll match that with $100. Click here to learn more.

I do not condone gambling, but if you feel like you have an edge it can be worth a shot to recoup those signup bonuses.

Get Paid to Answer Questions

We live in the Information Age today, and as such information and knowledge are highly valuable.

If you have expertise on any subject, you can probably get paid for it. Seriously. The first link is a marketplace for psychics where people pay to talk to them.

Start earning money and get paid to answer questions:

Keen: This is a marketplace where people can pay to speak to psychics. 

Quora: Get paid to ask and answer questions. 

Clarity.fm: If you have advice that’s valuable to business owners or marketers, you can create a Clarity.fm page and charge a consulting rate for people to speak with you.

JustAnswer: A great place for experts to answer questions on various topics. You can earn up to $25 a question.

Earn Money Freelancing

Freelancing is quickly becoming the way work gets done in today’s world.

If you enjoy the freedom of working from wherever you want, whenever, give freelancing a shot. All you need to get started is a particular skill in any area, a laptop, Internet connection, and willingness to deliver quality work.

Leapforce: Leapforce hires search engine evaluators. As an evaluator you perform Google searches and determine how relevant each link is to the keyword. In essence you’re improving the algorithm. Starting rates are $13.50 an hour but skilled workers can get $18.00 an hour.

Upwork: Having recently merged with eLance, Upwork is now the world’s largest freelance marketplace. You can apply for jobs for just about anything – writing, proofreading, designing, you name it. My recommendation is to start with small jobs first in order to build up your profile and receive 5-star ratings.

PeoplePerHour: Very similar to Upwork. Register for free, apply for jobs, deliver, and earn money!

99Designs: The #1 marketplace for design-related gigs and freelance work. If you’re a creative type and have the skills, definitely get started here. Jobs are won by contest, so you’ll be competing with other designers. The upside is that the jobs tend to pay more and are more serious.

Guru: Another freelance site that’s been growing quickly.

iFreelance: Aptly described by its name!

Earn Money Doing Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are everywhere these days, and plenty of sites offer you and I the ability to get paid doing almost anything. They’re similar to freelance sites, but micro jobs tend to be smaller in scope and take less time to finish.

Fiverr: The biggest microjob marketplace. As the name suggests, you can get paid $5 to do almost any task. One of the biggest earning people on here makes “tough decisions” for people. How’s that for unique?

mTurk: Owned by Amazon, mTurk is a human intelligence task marketplace. It’s geared towards developers who can complete quick projects for decent money. Some people make a full-time income on here.

MicroWorkers: Another microtask marketplace.

ClickChores: A microjob marketplace catered towards SEO, internet marketing, and social media gigs.

TaskRabbit: You can find physical labor tasks here in your neighborhood, such as helping someone move, clean up their apartment, handyman work, etc.

Earn Money Selling Photographs

Another way to earn money online is by selling stock photos.

Every day, thousands of new websites and blogs are created and they all need quality images. This means there’s a big opportunity here.

You do not have to be a professional photographer by any stretch. All you need is a decent smartphone camera and a sense for what makes a good picture. After that, you simply upload your shots onto the sites below and every time someone buys it, you’ll get paid.

Just like with selling designs, it can be a numbers game so don’t get discouraged. The more photos you upload, the better chance you have of making money.

ShutterPoint: They pay the highest rate, giving you 85% of whatever your image sells for.

PhotoStockPlus: Another 85% commission on every photo sold.

ShutterStock: Get paid 25 cents for every photo you upload that gets downloaded.

iStockPhoto: You receive 20% of what your picture sells for, and 40% if you sell your images only on iStockPhoto.

123RoyaltyFree: 50% of every photo purchased. They have a good referral program too where you receive a cut if your referrer’s images that get sold.

Fotolia: Earn 50% for every photo purchased.

DreamsTime: 25-50% revenue sharing, plus a 10% exclusivity fee if you only use their site. Cash out once you’ve hit $100.

BigStockPhoto: $0.50 USD for each photo sold. More if you are part of their Contributor network.

Earn Money Selling Your Items

One of the most efficient ways to start earning money online quickly is by selling your unused items. I am sure we all have clothes, books, shoes, toys, and other products that we no longer use.

Thankfully, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. You never know what others might value. Plus, by getting rid of your stuff, you free up clutter in your house.

If you want to start selling your stuff, check out the sites below.

Wallapop: Wallapop is a site specifically for selling your items to others near you. You set your own price.

Decluttr: Decluttr is a site focused on selling technology items. They accept phones, CDs, DVDs, games, books, tablets and much more.

Craigslist: I’m sure you’ve heard of Craigslist, the classifieds site. It’s another place you can list your unused items to sell.

eBay: eBay is great for selling your stuff to people all over the world. You take care of the shipping.

Gazelle: Gazelle pays you for unused and broken electronics.

ClassifiedAds: Another classifieds type of website for listing anything.

Make Money Listening to Music

Sounds hard to believe, but you can actually get paid to listen to music online. As mentioned, consumer research is highly valued these days. Your input on what songs you like can help companies and singers produce more popular hits. It’s also a convenient way for you to discover new music yourself.

MusicXRay: Sign up and you’ll start receiving music to your inbox instantly. The site tailors the type of music they send you based on your preferences. You won’t necessarily love every song you hear, but you can skip those songs after 30 seconds and still get compensated for your time.

SlicethePie: SlicethePie pays you for your reviews and feedback on songs. Their members have generated over 20 million reviews and received over $3 million in compensation.

Get Paid to Write

Article writing is another great option to quickly earn money online. Every thing you read on a website is a piece of content that was produced by someone, and there’s an unending demand for more content.

If you have expertise on a particular subject you can write about, that’s even better and you’ll be able to charge higher rates off the bat.

If you don’t, though, don’t fret. As long as you can research a topic and write intelligently about it, you’ll never have a shortage of work.

ContentGather: Formerly known as Postloop, Content Gather pays you to write for website owners and forums. You make money by (a) listing your pre-written content up for sale and (b) custom jobs when someone wants to hire you for a job. From my experience if you can write blog posts and articles well this is one of the best places to get top dollar for them.

TextBroker: Submit blog posts and articles in exchange for money. Your earnings per word are dependent on quality and subject, they usually range from 0.7 cents per word to 5.0 cents per word.

ConstantContent: Similar to TextBroker and ContentGather. I would definitely sign up for all three to list all your pre-written content on all platforms and find high paying jobs.

The Forum Wheel: Get paid to write on forums. First register an account, make 10 posts in the Gateway forum, and once they approve you they will start sending you jobs. You can earn $0.05 – $0.13 for each forum post you make. That can quickly add up! There is no minimum payment threshold.

Cracked: If you’re great at writing humor articles, submit your pieces to Cracked for $100 an article. Your work will also be read by their millions of readers.

SeekingAlpha: If you have knowledge about the financial markets or in-depth research about a particular stock/trend, submit to SeekingAlpha. They pay their contributors well if you are selected.

ListVerse: If you can write listicles like “Top 10 XYZ” that are entertaining and informative, submit hem to ListVerse. If they like it and pubish it, they’ll pay you $100 and your work will be seen by lots of eyeballs.

Earn Money Losing Weight

Yes, you read that right. You can actually earn money by losing weight these days! Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Sign up for one of the websites below and you can place wagers on your weight loss goals. When you successfully complete them, you’ll get paid! Research has shown that the monetary incentive forces you to go that extra mile and stay consistent with your diet and exercise.

HealthyWage: You can earn up to $10,000 in prizes from successfully losing weight on HealthyWage. Sign up individually or as a team. Their success stories show you it’s the real deal.

DietBet: DietBet is doing a lot for this space. Sign up for one of their programs or set your own weight loss challenge. Enter by putting a wager in the pot, and if you win you split the pot with other participants.

Gym Pact App: An app that helps you stay on your fitness goals. They have three pacts – a gym pact, veggie pact, and food logging pact. Rewards are generally $0.30 to $5 a week!

Earn Money by Selling Designs

If you have an artistic side and love to design and create things, there are plenty of ways to monetize that skill online.

You do not have to be a famous designer to earn a living from your craft nowadays. The Internet has leveled the playing field and people all around the world are earning good money from their designs.

Sometimes all it takes is signing up for one of the sites below, uploading your designs onto a t-shirt, mug, or other product, and selling them! You do not even need to handle the manufacturing or shipping, because the site takes care of that for you.

Personally I have a few dozen designs up and each one sees a few sales a month. That’s pretty good in my opinion for not doing any work.

CafePress: Sell designs on a variety of products here, ranging from t-shirts, mugs, posters, and more.

PrintFection: Sell designs for promotional materials.

Zazzle: Put your designs on over 400 different products to sell!

Etsy: The largest and most popular marketplace to sell vintage and handmade goods. If you enjoy sewing, creating artwork, designs, making bead necklaces, etc., start selling those here.

SpreadShirt: Lets you sell customized t-shirt designs.

RedBubble: Another site where you can sell customized t-shirt designs, mugs, and other products. 

TeePublic: More print-on-demand for shirts and other products.

Merch by Amazon: Upload designs directly on Amazon with their print-on-demand service. For an in-depth guide on Amazon Merch we’ve written, click here.

Enter Online Sweepstakes

You can enter free sweepstakes online and have a chance at earning massive prizes with nothing to lose. We live in a great world don’t we?

Online-Sweepstakes.com: A directory of all the ongoing sweepstakes you can enter for free. I recommend you create a new email account to sign up with, otherwise you’ll be receiving too much spam.

PCH.com: Another sweepstakes website. No purchase of anything necessary.

Winloot.com: 100% free sweepstakes that provides 30 chances to win, including up to a $1M jackpot every day.

In Summary

Wow, that was a lot! If you’re still reading, congratulations for getting so far.

As mentioned in the beginning, it’s totally normal to see this gigantic list and feel overwhelmed. It’s the paradox of choice where more options can sometimes be debilitating.

If you feel this way, here’s what you should do: Scan the list again, see what speaks loudest to you, and pick that option and go with it. Whether that’s creating designs, writing articles, completing surveys, or tutoring English..it’s completely up to you.

The most important thing is that you actually take action on what you’ve learned immediately. I guarantee you once you get started and start earning money online, you’ll never look back. It’s quite the rush.

If you enjoyed this article, you could also do me a huge favor by sharing it to your friends and family on social media via the buttons on the left. Feel free to bookmark this page for easy future reference as well.

Leave a comment below if you think we’ve missed anything or just want to give your feedback.

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