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The Best Ethereum GasNow Alternatives

ethereum gasnow alternatives

GasNow was arguably the best Ethereum gas forecasting tool, allowing users to predict when gas fees would be low based on the pending transactions queue. One of the most popular tables was the weekly chart showing you average gas fees by hour. With Ethereum prices as high as they are, this could mean saving yourself hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately on Oct 15, 2021, the service shut down, likely due to China’s regulatory policies on cryptocurrencies.

Thankfully other competitors and services have stepped up to fill the hole since then. Here are the best GasNow alternatives.


Stab.io is a simple one page site designed to emulate GasNow as closely as possible. GasNow users will remember the familiar 7-day hourly gas chart.


Blocknative provides an average gas price heat map, recent gas prices, and live gas estimation all in a visually appealing manner. They also have desktop browser extensions which are very convenient.


EthGas.watch provides some great analytics to show you stats like median and average gas price by hour, by day. Built on Dune, the visualizations can also be very helpful.

Etherchain GasNow

Ethereum staking pool company Bitfly took much of GasNow’s APIs to create a new version on Etherchain. You can see gas price history, current gas prices, and estimated costs of transactions.


Etherscan’s gas tracker page lets you know in real time what the current gas fees are. It also provides an estimate of how much common transactions cost, like buying on OpenSea, swapping on Uniswap, or depositing into Ribbon Chain.


We’ve provided you with five GasNow alternatives that help you estimate current and future ETH gas prices. Given they may pull from different sources, it can be beneficial to consult several of them at once to get an average. We hope this helps you in your DeFi or NFT journey.

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