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Gemini vs Coinbase – Which Crypto Platform Is Better?

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Gemini and Coinbase are two of the most legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges on the market today. You can’t go wrong with either, as both are considered top of the line in terms of security and trustworthiness.

I personally have a soft spot for Gemini, as it was my go-to exchange to buy crypto with early on around 2015. I still use it to this day, especially for large transfers as I can rest easy knowing my funds are safe.

That said, both Gemini and Coinbase have higher fees than other crypto exchanges now. You may want to check out Voyager for that reason, as they offer commission free trading and provides higher interest on coins you lend out.

Gemini vs Coinbase Fees

Gemini and Coinbase both charge some of the highest fees among crypto exchanges. Gemini might charge slightly less if you had to compare them, but they’re basically comparable.

This is partially a byproduct of how early they were to the space. Back in the day, they were basically the only legitimate places around to buy crypto, so you had to use them. Their first to market advantage allowed them to charge users higher fees, something they’ve kept in place still.

ACH TransferFreeFree
Bank Account1.49%1.49%
Debit/Credit Cards3.49%3.99%
Wallet1.49% 1.49%
Wire Transfer10 free per month$10 deposit, $25 withdrawal
Crypto ConversionFree0.5% to 2%
Trades0.5% spread0.5% spread
Other Fees$0.99 to $2.99 per trade or 1.49% for trades over $200$0.99 to $2.99 per trade

Gemini vs Coinbase Safety

Gemini and Coinbase are the two safest exchanges out there in terms of security and compliance. Gemini is registered as a New York trust company that’s regulated by the NYDFS. Coinbase is also fully licensed and is registered with FinCEN.

Along with being regulatory compliant, both exchanges have top of the line security features to prevent hacks and loss of customer funds. Most of their funds are stored in offline, cold wallets. They’re also FDIC insured for up to $250,000 in USD for cash balances.

While we always suggest holding your crypto in your own hardware wallets, you honestly can’t go wrong keeping secondary funds on either Gemini or Coinbase.

Gemini vs Coinbase Supported Coins

Gemini serves as a great fiat onramp as they support seven currencies: USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HKD, and SGD. Coinbase only supports three: USD, GBP, and EUR.

Coinbase currently supports more altcoins than Gemini does, such as Cardano (ADA), ETC, EOS, and Dash. Both platforms support all the major coins such as BTC, ETH, LINK, AAVE, LTC, UNI, BCH, and more.

Gemini is currently available to just over 50 countries while Coinbase is available in over 100 countries.

Gemini vs Coinbase Interest Rates

While Gemini and Coinbase started out as just exchanges to buy and sell crypto, you can now lend your coins to earn interest through Gemini Earn or Coinbase Lend.

Coinbase currently only offers 4% interest on USDC, which is one of the lowest rates for stablecoins on the market. Gemini Earn supports over 30 coins and provides 7.4% interest on GUSD.

So when it comes to where to park your coins for interest, Gemini beats Coinbase by far. You can also explore other options like BlockFi, Voyager, or Celsius to earn interest.

Gemini vs Coinbase Signup Bonus

Gemini and Coinbase have the same signup offer – you can earn $10 after trading $100 worth of crypto within 30 days of signing up. Click here for Gemini’s referral bonus and click here for Coinbase’s referral bonus.

In addition to the signup bonus, Coinbase does have its Coinbase Earn section, allowing you to watch vids and answer questions to earn $100+ extra.


In conclusion, we recommend Gemini and Coinbase for anyone who prioritizes security above all else. The two exchanges have higher trading fees than other platforms but are best in class when it comes to safety and trustworthiness. If you’re trading with size, you also can’t go wrong using Gemini or Coinbase’s advanced versions.

If I had to pick one or the other, Gemini gets my vote over Coinbase. As a company, Gemini has been faster to adopt new features than Coinbase has. Gemini recently released its Gemini Earn program where you can lend out coins, has partnered with 30,000 retailers through Gemini Pay to let you pay for items, and is rolling out a bitcoin rewards credit card soon.

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