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Should You Put Your GPA on LinkedIn?

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For the better part of your entire life, your GPA essentially defines you. So if you’re a college student or recent graduate, you might be wondering if you should list your GPA on LinkedIn.

The answer is it’s entirely optional, but we do have a recommendation. Unless your GPA is higher than 3.5 out of 4.0, it’s better to simply leave it off. Even a 3.5 is cutting it close, though, as it’s not nearly high enough to turn heads. A 3.7 GPA or higher is when it really starts to make sense to put it on.

The same logic goes for SAT scores on LinkedIn. Unless you scored exceptionally well (1500+ out of 1600), it’s better to simply leave it off.

An alternative to putting your exact GPA on LinkedIn is to list your graduating honors. If you graduate cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude, you can simply list that. Everyone generally knows what they represent, and presenting it this way is a bit more tactful than listing your exact GPA.

  • 3.500 – 3.699 GPA = Cum Laude
  • 3.700 – 3.899 GPA = Magna Cum Laude
  • 3.900 – 4.000 GPA = Summa Cum Laude

As a student, you should definitely be filling out the Projects, Honors & Awards, Organizations, and Courses sections, especially if you lack direct work experience. Doing so will help beef up your profile and show hiring managers your involvement outside of classes.

Should you list your GPA on LinkedIn as an experienced candidate? 

If you’re an experienced candidate and several years out of college, you should definitely omit your GPA from LinkedIn. Leaving it on suggests a lack of awareness about what makes a good employee. Once you’ve had some work experience under your belt, future employers typically judge you more by your skills and experiences over your grades.

There are certainly exceptions to this. For example, some private equity firms are notoriously known to ask for your college GPA, and sometimes even your SAT and/or GMAT scores. If you’re applying to one of these firms, chances are you’ll find out as you do some research on them.

Should you list your high school GPA on LinkedIn?

You should also avoid listing your high school GPA on LinkedIn. In fact, it’s entirely fine to simply omit mention of your high school at all, unless you went to a top private school or had major accomplishments.

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