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Where to Find and Reset the Kucoin Trading Password

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Kucoin is one of the largest centralized crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Unique to Kucoin is what they call a “trading password” which is an additional security measure to protect accounts.

Anyone involved in crypto knows how prevalent hackers and scammers can be in the space. It can certainly be a pain to have to enter your 2FA code, email confirmation code, and then a trading password, but their intent is to protect you, especially because Kucoin lets you do basic trading without KYC.

In this article we’ll show you where to find the trading password on Kucoin and how to set and reset it.

What is the Kucoin Trading Password

The Kucoin trading password is a 6-digit number you’ll have to enter before making trades, withdrawals, or API verification on Kucoin. Other exchanges typically don’t have this, so even though it’s built with good intentions in mind it can be annoying.

That said, it’s not uncommon for your phone and email to get compromised. In the event that happens and the hacker obtains your password and 2FA code, having an additional security measure can make all the difference.

Where to Find the Kucoin Trading Password

1. Hover over your profile icon and click Account Security

On the top right of your screen, hover over your profile icon to open the dropdown menu. Click Account Security.

2. Scroll down and click Trading Password

From there, scroll down and click Change beside the Trading Password section.

3. Change Trading Password

On this page you can change your Kucoin trading password. In order to change your trading password, you’ll have to know your old password. After it’s changed, you’ll also be prohibited from withdrawing for 24 hours.

How to Reset Your Kucoin Trading Password

When you create a Kucoin account, you’ll get asked to enter both a login password as well as the trading password. However, many people end up forgetting what their trading password was after not using the platform for a while.

If you set a trading password but forgot it, you’ll have to submit proof of identity verification to have Kucoin Support reset it for you.

1. Click Forgot Trading Password

On the Trading Password screen, click Forgot Trading Password.

2. Complete the Security Verification Steps

Kucoin will ask for you to enter an email verification code and 2FA code. Hit Send Code and check your inbox for the code. Your 2FA code can be found on your phone.

3. Submit Identity Verification

You’ll then have to upload the front and back of your ID, along with a selfie holding up that ID.

Once you’ve submitted this ID, you’ll have to wait for Kucoin Support to get back to you. This can take anywhere from a few hours to weeks, depending on how busy they are. This is why it’s crucial you try to remember your Kucoin trading password.

Can You Turn the Kucoin Trading Password Off?

No, there is no way to turn off Kucoin’s trading password. It is a mandatory aspect of using Kucoin so make sure you remember it. Do not store it online anywhere like in your Google Drive or Dropbox, as those are easily accessible if hacked.


In this article we’ve shown you how to find and reset the Kucoin trading password. Kucoin has some of the lowest trading fees and fewest KYC requirements, so make sure you store this trading password in a secure location to keep using the platform.

If you don’t have a Kucoin account yet, you can signup here.

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