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How to Add ROSE (Oasis Network) to MetaMask

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Oasis Network is a layer 1 blockchain and Ethereum competitor. It operates by proof of stake, with a Consensus Layer of validator nodes and ParaTime Layer that increases throughput. Oasis Network also boasts confidential smart contracts, enabling more privacy focused uses. Its native token, ROSE, is used to secure the network and pay for transaction fees.

To get started using the Oasis Network and self custody your ROSE tokens, you’ll need to add the Oasis Network to your MetaMask wallet. Here’s a step by step tutorial how to do so.

1. Click the dropdown menu in MetaMask

Login to your MetaMask extension and click the dropdown menu under Ethereum Mainnet.

2. Press Add Network

Click the Add Network button.

3. Fill in the Network RPC Info

Type in the following RPC information for the Oasis Network. The Emerald Mainnet is Oasis’ EVM compatible solution.

  • Network Name: Emerald Mainnet
  • RPC-URL: https://emerald.oasis.dev
  • Chain ID: 42262
  • Symbol: ROSE

Alternatively, go to the official docs here and press the “Click here to register Emerald Mainnet to your MetaMask or Brave wallet” button. Approve the network in MetaMask.

4. Add ROSE Tokens to MetaMask

If you have an Oasis wallet, send your MetaMask wallet address some ROSE tokens. You’ll need ROSE to pay for gas fees on the network.

Once this is done, you’re all set to use Oasis Network on MetaMask.


This tutorial taught you how to add the Oasis Network (ROSE) blockchain to MetaMask. Fill in the custom ROSE RPC information or head over to the official docs for a quick registration link.

Oasis is designed with privacy in mind through confidential smart contracts. It’s also EVM compatible through its Emerald ParaTime layer. The blockchain boasts some exciting DeFi platforms like YuzuSwap and Gemkeeper Finance you may want to check out to get started.

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