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How to Fix OpenSea “Waiting for Blockchain Confirmation” Error

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OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace where you can list, buy, sell, and view NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and Pudgy Penguins.

In order to make an offer or buy a listing, you’ll have to link your MetaMask account to your profile and approve ETH or WETH.

However, sometimes you may encounter the error “Waiting for blockchain confirmation” below.

The transaction won’t be instantaneous, but it shouldn’t take longer than several minutes if you used enough gas. If it loads for longer than this, your transaction is probably stuck.

How to Fix “Waiting for Blockchain Confirmation” Error on OpenSea

If you encounter this, try the following methods to fix the OpenSea “waiting for blockchain confirmation” error.

1. Reset Your MetaMask Account

To cancel pending and stuck transactions, you can reset your MetaMask account. This won’t change any account balances or require you to re-enter your seed phrase, it’ll simply clear your recent transaction history.

To do this, simply click the colorful account icon in the top-right corner of MetaMask, click Settings, Advanced, and Reset Account.

2. Use a Different Web Browser

Sometimes OpenSea has compatibility issues with certain browsers. If you used Chrome, try again with FireFox, Edge, or Brave. You can also try updating your browser version or clearing your cookies & cache.

3. Increase Your Gas Fee

If you paid too low of a gas fee, your transaction may never get picked up by the miners which means it’ll never get broadcast to the network. You can speed up transactions within MetaMask, or cancel it and try again.

MetaMask’s recommended gas fees usually get the job done quickly. You can also check ETH Gas Station to see what current gas prices are so yours are in line.

4. Change the Listing to “Set Price”

If you’re listing an NFT, sometimes auctions set at highest bid can receive this error. You can try setting it to a fixed price if that’s an option to see if that works.

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