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How to Fix Unlock Currency Error on OpenSea (Solved)

how to fix opensea unlock currency error

If you’re trying to buy or list an NFT on OpenSea, you may be asked to “unlock currency” and then see an error that says “There was an error with your transaction. Please try again.”

This is a common issue that usually occurs because OpenSea can’t identify any funds in your cryptocurrency wallet. There are many reasons for this but the most common cause is because you’re on the wrong blockchain network.

Here are all the ways you can fix the “Unlock Currency” error on OpenSea, starting with the most important.

Switch Blockchain Networks

In crypto, there are various blockchain networks that act as the protocol layer on which other applications can run. Think of it like how Windows and Apple are different operating systems with separate rules.

Each blockchain has their own unique tokens, code, and governance protocols so you have to make sure you’re operating on the same chain.

For example, if you are trying to purchase an NFT on the Polygon Network but your MetaMask is set to the Ethereum network, OpenSea will not be able to identify your funds and execute the transaction.

So the simplest way to fix the Unlock Currency error is by making sure your cryptocurrency wallet is set to the same blockchain as the NFT’s. In MetaMask, you can do this by simply clicking the dropdown menu and selecting/adding the appropriate network.

Add the Token to Your Wallet

If you’re trying to buy a Polygon NFT, make sure you add the network’s native token to your wallet so it recognizes it. In Polygon’s case, that’s MATIC. Then transfer some MATIC to your wallet as you’ll need some to pay for gas fees as well. You can buy it from Coinbase, Binance, or most other exchanges.

Turn Off Ad Blockers

Another simple thing to try is turning off your ad blockers, if you have any. Sometimes these block Javascript that OpenSea runs which can produce errors.

Switch Browsers

For whatever reason, sometimes OpenSea has issues with certain browsers. Try out Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or even Microsoft Edge to see if any of them work.

Use a VPN

OpenSea restricts access to users in certain countries. If you have a VPN, you can try switching your IP to a different country, perhaps in North America or Europe.

Use a Non-Hardware Wallet

Since OpenSea doesn’t fully support hardware wallets, if your MetaMask is attached to one you may encounter issues. What you can do is first buy the NFT with a new wallet, then transfer it to your hardware wallet address.

Reset Your MetaMask Account

You can also try resetting your MetaMask account. Doing so will reset your transaction history in case you have any stuck or pending transactions. You will not lose any value in your accounts.

Contact OpenSea Support

Finally, if none of these DIY solutions work, your only choice may be to contact OpenSea customer support. You can email them at contact@opensea.io or pop in their Discord channel, but you never know how long it might take to hear back.


The “Unlock Currency” error on OpenSea can be frustrating, just like the OpenSea Error 1020. Give the solutions above a try, starting with switching your blockchain network and making sure you have the right crypto tokens in your wallet.

Once you’ve fixed the error, we hope you have fun on your NFT journey.

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