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How to Bridge From Solana (SOL) to Fantom (FTM)

solana to fantom bridge

If you’re looking for a Solana (SOL) to Fantom (FTM) bridge, we’ve got you covered.

Solana and Fantom are both layer 1 blockchains, with their own native token, rules, and ecosystems. When you want to use a different blockchain, you will have to bridge your tokens across.

The easiest way to transfer tokens from Solana to Fantom and vice versa is with Allbridge.io. Allbridge is a crypto bridge that lets you easily transfer assets between blockchain networks. If you’ve ever used the Ethereum bridge, you know it can sometimes take hours or days if the network is congested. Allbridge is fast and supports both EVM, non-EVM, and L2 chains, with potential NFT support in the future as well.

Using Allbridge to Transfer from Solana to Fantom

  1. Go to the Allbridge website and launch the app
  2. Connect your Solana wallet (if you don’t have one, we recommend Phantom)
  3. Select the Solana to Fantom bridge and the token you’re bridging
Bridging crypto tokens from Solana to Fantom with Allbridge

4. Enter the address you want to send tokens to and amount to send. Keep a little bit leftover to pay for gas fees

Solana to Fantom bridge with Allbridge

5. Execute the transaction and wait for the network confirmations

Once the network has fully confirmed, you should receive the tokens in your Fantom wallet.

Bridging from Solana to Ethereum, then Fantom

Allbridge is the best direct solution, but if for whatever reason it isn’t working, you can try this alternative 2-step method. Use Portal by Wormhole to transfer from Solana to Ethereum, then use Synapse Protocol to transfer from Ethereum to Fantom.

However, this method will be more costly since Ethereum gas fees can range from $10-50 usually. Transferring directly from Solana to Fantom will only cost a few cents so it’s best to avoid this method.

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