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How to Convert wAVAX (Wrapped AVAX) to AVAX

unwrap wrapped avax

If you’ve used any platforms on Avalanche before, you’ll know that many of them accept and distribute wAVAX tokens. wAVAX is Wrapped AVAX, which is ERC-20 compatible and also works on Avalanche’s C-Chain.

In this article we’ll show you how to unwrap wAVAX and convert it back to AVAX. You’ll need to do this before sending to a centralized exchange address that only accepts AVAX.

Use TraderJoe to Unwrap wAVAX

TraderJoe is the biggest DeFi platform on Avalanche, which you can use to swap between tokens. This includes swapping wAVAX to AVAX and vice versa.

  1. Go to TraderJoe and login to your wallet
  2. Go to the Trade page
  3. Select wAVAX to AVAX swap
  4. Input the quantity to swap and make the transaction
how to unwrap and wrap wavax tokens with traderjoe

The picture above has us wrapping the AVAX, but just hit the arrows in the middle to change the swap. Keep in mind you’ll need some AVAX in your wallet to fund the transaction fee.

The great thing about TraderJoe is you can swap between nearly any pair. So you can also just convert your wAVAX to USDC or another stablecoin if you wish.

How to Add wAVAX to MetaMask

Once you’ve unwrapped your wAVAX, you may be surprised to not see it show up in your AVAX balance in MetaMask. This is because wAVAX is a separate token from AVAX. You have to import it just like you would with any new token.

Wrapped AVAX’s contract address: 0xB31f66AA3C1e785363F0875A1B74E27b85FD66c7

Another helpful suggestion is to go to Settings -> Experimental in MetaMask to turn on automatic token detection for the future so you don’t have to manually add tokens every time.

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