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How to Swap USDC.e vs USDC on Avalanche

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If you’re familiar with crypto you’ve likely encountered the USDC token, the stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. Backed by fintech company Circle and fully compliant with US regulations, USDC is considered by many to be the safest stablecoin to hold.

For those who have explored the Avalanche ecosystem, you may also have seen USDC.e and wondered what the difference was between USDC.e and USDC.

The short answer is USDC.e is simply the bridged version of USDC on the Avalanche blockchain. USDC.e and USDC are equivalent in value, but do not have the same token contract.

Since they aren’t the exact same token, you’ll want to convert your USDC.e to USDC before sending it to prevent any loss of funds if an exchange doesn’t accept it. We’ll show you how to do so below.

What is USDC.e?

USDC.e is essentially USDC that was bridged over from the Ethereum network onto the Avalanche network. The “e” at the end lets everyone know it’s the bridged version, similar to how wrapped Ether is labeled as WETH. You’ll find the same nomenclature on other coins like USDT.e or AAVE.e.

Since the two tokens do not share the same contract address, you cannot simply deposit one into the other. You also can’t offramp USDC.e into fiat.

How to Swap Between USDC.e and USDC

The good news is it’s fairly straightforward and easy to swap between USDC.e and USDC or another token.

Any of the popular AVAX DeFi platforms will support this swap, such as:

ParaSwap is a DeFi aggregator that identifies and performs the lowest fee routing option for swaps, which is why it’s recommended. At any point in time, certain DeFi platforms may have lower fees given their liquidity and slippage, so using ParaSwap can save you time and money.

Using ParaSwap to Swap USDC.e and USDC

As an example, here’s how to convert USDC.e into USDC using the ParaSwap platform.

  1. Go to ParaSwap.io
  2. Press Launch App
  3. Swap USDC.e with USDC on the Trade page

As you can see, at the time of writing this the best USDC.e to USDC exchange rate was through PangolinSwap.

Can You Send USDC.e to an Exchange?

It’s important to note that USDC.e is not the same as native USDC. Most exchanges will not accept USDC.e deposits. This is why we recommend you convert any USDC.e into USDC first before sending it to an exchange.

If you do deposit USDC.e into a USDC address, the funds may never show up in your account. You’ll have to contact the exchange’s customer support team and likely pay a $20-50 USD fee for any help.

How to Add USDC.e to MetaMask

To see USDC.e on MetaMask, simply add the contract address to your token list.

USDC.e Contract Address: 0xA7D7079b0FEaD91F3e65f86E8915Cb59c1a4C664

You can verify this by going onto Snowtrace’s USDC.e page.

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