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How to Swap USDT.e vs USDT on Avalanche

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For those of you in crypto you’re likely familiar with USDT, the Tether stablecoin pegged to USD. If you’ve used the Avalanche Network (AVAX), you may have also encountered USDT.e and wondered what the difference was between USDT.e and USDT.

The short answer is USDT.e and USDT are equivalent in value, but do not have the same token contract. USDT.e is simply the bridged version of USDT on the Avalanche blockchain, similar to WETH (wrapped ETH) and ETH on the Ethereum network.

That said, sometimes exchanges don’t accept USDT.e so you’ll want to convert it before sending any. We’ll show you how to do so below.

What is USDT.e?

USDT.e is the wrapped version of USDT after it’s been bridged from the Ethereum blockchain to the Avalanche blockchain. As the Avalanche Network grew, the team behind USDT and USDC moved to fully support the network. Over time USDT.e may be fully phased out in lieu of just USDT.

The “e” stands for Ethereum because the Avalanche Bridge used to be called the Avalanche Ethereum Bridge, so any tokens with the .e could be recognized as a wrapped token. This is similar to how wrapped tokens on Ethereum can have a “W” in front of them like WETH or WBTC. You’ll find the same nomenclature on other coins like USDC.e or AAVE.e.

How to Swap Between USDT.e and USDT

There are many ways to swap between USDT.e and USDT on Avalanche. All of the DeFi platforms on Avalanche should easily support swapping between USDT.e and USDT.

Some of the most popular DeFi platforms on Avalanche to trade on are below. All of these have sufficient liquidity to easily swap between USDT.e and USDT without too much slippage.

ParaSwap is our preferred method because it’s a DeFi aggregator that identifies the lowest fee platform and performs the swap for you.

Using ParaSwap to Swap USDT.e and USDT

As an example, here’s how to convert USDT.e into USDT using the ParaSwap platform.

  1. Go to ParaSwap.io
  2. Press Launch App
  3. Swap USDT.e with USDT on the Trade page

As you can see, ParaSwap identified a few exchanges that allow you to do the conversion and suggests TraderJoe due to the lowest price impact. The conversion won’t be exactly 1:1 due to slight fees and costs.

Can You Send USDT.e to an Exchange?

Unlike standard USDT, which is an ERC-20 compatible token, USDT.e was created to run only on Avalanche. Be very careful about sending USDT.e to a regular exchange wallet on FTX, Binance, Coinbase, etc. as those funds may be lost.

If you did send USDT.e to an exchange and never received it, you’ll have to contact the exchange’s customer support. They can usually retrieve the funds for you but at a fee, which can be $20 or more.

The safest thing to do is to convert the USDT.e back to USDT with one of the links above and then send it to your exchange wallet.

How to Add USDT.e to MetaMask

If you’re using MetaMask, you’ll have to add the USDT.e token to see your balance. USDT.e’s contract address is 0xc7198437980c041c805A1EDcbA50c1Ce5db95118

You can verify this by going to Snowtrace’s USDT.e page where you can also see recent transactions, total supply, and other info.

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