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Voyager Reward Code – Earn $25 BTC Promo Bonus

invest voyager signup promo referral $25 bonus

Voyager is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets you buy and sell crypto with no commission fees. The commission-less trades and beginner friendly UI/UX makes Voyager a great Coinbase alternative. Once you’ve bought some crypto on the app, you can even stake or lend it to earn passive interest on your coins.

Right now, Voyager offers a $25 bitcoin signup bonus for new users from the United States. All you have to do is use the promo code GAR249A14 during your initial signup. Once you deposit and buy $100 of crypto, you’ll be credited $25 in btc within 72 hours. You’re free to keep it in bitcoin or sell it for USDC or another coin.

Here are the exact steps to receive the $25 Voyager bonus:

  1. Download Voyager here
  2. Enter GAR249A14 in the Reward Code section
  3. Deposit and buy at least $100 worth of any cryptocurrency

4. Receive $25 btc within 72 hours

Voyager Referral Program

Once you have a Voyager account of your own, you’ll have your own referral code and can also earn $25 for every friend you refer. Simply click on your account icon on the top right of the app and press “Refer a Friend” to get your unique referral ID.

Voyager Rewards Bonus FAQ

1. Is Voyager only available to US residents?

Yes, Voyager is currently only available to US residents. You’ll need a US address and ID when signing up. The promo bonus is also only eligible for US residents.

2. Can you use a signup code if you already have a Voyager account?

If you already have a Voyager account but didn’t signup with a code, there is no option to apply a code afterwards. You can try emailing Voyager’s customer support team at support@investvoyager.com to see if they can apply it. However, Voyager’s customer support can take a while to get back to you. Alternatively, you can signup with a new account.

3. How soon can I withdraw funds from my Voyager account?

Once you trade $100 of crypto, you’ll receive the $25 within 72 hours. After that, you can withdraw the funds back to your bank or another crypto exchange / wallet.

4. Is Voyager safe to use?

Yes, Voyager is one of the biggest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges used by some of the biggest institutions. It’s publicly traded via the OTC markets (ticker “VYGVF”) and must comply with the FINRA and DTC listing requirements. The team has decades of experience in the traditional finance world. Voyager’s founder, Stephen Erhlich, previously founded Lightspeed Financial and was the CEO of E-Trade.

5. Can you earn the $25 bonus by just transferring $100 of crypto to Voyager?

No, you can’t just transfer $100 of crypto to earn the $25 bonus. You have to actually trade (ie. buy or sell) $100 worth of crypto to earn it.

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